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Health and Safety

MHP have the capability to provide construction related health and safety services in a range of fields;

The company currently provides several small contracting companies with an “on call” health and safety capacity, assisting companies with the preparation of risk assessments, CDM related documentation, and bespoke services including updates and amendments to company Policy’s and Safety Management Systems.

MHP also provide clients with the ability to take a quick assessment of site activity, or a more thorough full audit. Clients have included schools, developers and Project management companies as well as our larger industrial clients.

Project Management

MHP provide clients with a range of services generally described as “Project Management” these have typically included;

  • Management contracting services
  • Change management / contract administration on JCT and related contracts
  • Management of insurance related works
  • Risk and opportunity management

Clients include major international FMCG companies as well as small educational and charitable organisations

Quantity Surveying

MHP provide pre and post contract services to a variety of clients including the development if initial feasibility studies, initial budgets, development of detailed cost plans, tender documents and tender analysis.

Post Contract MHP can provide cost reporting, valuations and final account services as well as more unusual roles such as the audit and review of cost plus / open book contracts, contract arrangements with which MHP are very familiar.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

MHP have been working with the CDM regulations since they were introduced in 1995 and have worked alongside clients to make their projects both successful and compliant with the changing directions of the regulations.

MHP are able to provide a wide range of CDM 2015 related services including

  • Role of Principal Designer
  • CDM Designer
  • Design risk assessment
  • Competence checks on the supply chain
  • Training
  • Collection, collation and delivery of pre-construction information
  • Preparation and drafting of construction phase plans
  • Preparation and completion of health and safety files
  • Assistance with technical appointments under CDM

MHP are also developing the “forensic health and safety file concept, for use when for whatever reason there is no file and a project is “non-compliant” with the regulations

MHP have recently been working with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors developing a new scope of services document for both CDM advisor and Principal Designer, due for issue in 2018.